health counseling

My Services:

  • Do you struggle with the cycles of overeating or undereating?
  • Do you find yourself constantly “starting over”?
  • Are you tired of the “fad diets” and “weight loss trends,” and looking to just eat healthy?
  • Are you struggling with how or where to start an exercise plan or regiment?
  • Are you looking for support for your weight loss or exercise struggles?

If you answered yes to any of these, my health counseling may be for you. Whether you are interested in eating healthier, losing weight, exercise, or you’re interested in a plant-based diet, I can help. I offer a holistic compassionate approach to wellness, both physically and emotionally, and advice you on a program that is unique to your own needs and lifestyle. It is my sincere belief that a healthy, whole foods diet and physical activity can allow all of us to feel our utmost best.

I’m interested in my client’s entire history with food and exercise, and will construct a dietary program that is uniquely suited to his or her lifestyle. I’ll ask many questions regarding your history with food, your relationship with your body, physical activity, and whatever self-destructive tendencies you may experience. We’ll talk about what and how you’re eating now, and determine ways to improve it.

As we go along, we’ll construct a loosely arranged meal plans, exercise regiments, and discuss your caloric needs. I will also give friendly, nonjudgmental support to help you to reach your health goals.

I’m available for in person consultations here in Kansas City, and phone and email consultations for clients around the country. Services  include nutritional counseling, grocery lists and suggested menus, tips, encouragement, and, for my Kansas City,  food demonstrations, in-home exercise demonstrations, grocery store tutorials, and for those interested, in-home personal training and yoga classes. I accept Paypal or check.

If you are interested in a consultation, to discuss with me more about your situation, or you have more questions about what I offer, please email me at

*Disclaimer: I am not a physician nor are my services intended to be a prescription of any sort, but merely recommendations to healthier lifestyle. As a licensed and certified athletic trainer and allied health care professional recognized by the American Medical Association, I am proficient in exercise and rehabilitation as well nutrition and wellness protection. Under the Board of Certification Standards as an athletic trainer, I aim to use preventative measures through proper nutrition and exercise to ensure the highest quality of care for those who seek my assistance.

*see here and here for the other information regarding athletic training.

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