the SSVegan

Who is the Soul Searching Vegan?

Hi, my name is Chelsea and I am the Soul Searching Vegan!

I am a twenty-something somewhat eclectic vegan in search of inner peace and love in this ever-changing world. I’m trying to take a more holistic and compassionate approach to life and heal from the inside out with food, exercise, and yoga.

I am currently working on my master’s degree in Kinesiology while trying to find what it is I am meant to do with this life and my many passions. I’m also planning my wedding to a wonderful man, in process of finding a new home in KC with the soon-to-be-hubby, applying for jobs after recently leaving my physically and emotionally draining 80 hour a week job, all while trying to take care of me . Needless to say, it is a great time to start a blog.

I have two other loves in my life (other than my future hubby) Gelato and Simpson. Unconditional love at its finest.

Besides my love for both two-legged and four-legged creatures, I have an intangible love for exercise and yoga. Exercise had always been my escape from the world, from feeling and emotions, and any unwanted calories I’d ingested, but now I am learning to appreciate exercise for all its glory. Most of me loves exercise for all the right reasons – still a smidge bit of me loves it for all the wrong – and in time, I’m confident I’ll find inner peace with it.

Along with the search for inner peace with exercise, I’m also working on a more compassionate way with food, both physically and emotionally. For the longest time I have had a strong fear and misunderstanding of food. To me, it has always been the enemy, causing self-loathing and feelings of regret. It has been an endless cycle of “starting over”. But now I am breaking the cycle and refusing to let fear and anxiety rule my days.

I started Soul Searching Vegan as a way to combine my passions for food, veganism, yoga & exercise, and teaching. I wanted to educate people on health and wellness through the foods they eat, the joys of yoga and exercise, the benefits of holistic and alternative medicine, and show that there is nothing boring about being a vegan.

What to expect of Soul Searching Vegan:

Fun and delicious vegan and raw vegan recipes

Tips and advice on exercise and yoga

Some soul-searching ups and downs

Reviews of locally owned restaurants and stores focused on health, wellness, organic and vegan/vegetarian products

Information on difficult topics: animal cruelty, politics, health care, sex & relationships, and alternative medicine

Some other passions of mine:

All things Chocolate

Running (it’s sometimes a love-hate relationship)

Peep-toe pumps and dressing up

The earth and preserving it – Go Green & please recycle!

Traveling – I’ve lived in Iowa, Kansas City MO, Minneapolis MN, and Boise ID and visited almost every state except Alaska, I recently visited my brother in Japan and am planning a mini-honeymoon in Montreal, Canada

And wine – red, white, sparkling, bubbling, I love it all, for any occasion and any day

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