Defining Happy.

Rainy days, antiques, laughing, yoga, the Z Train, school, family, chocolate, vegetables, writing, pajamas, painting, sweating, coffee shops, baking, reading, lululemon, eating, animals… this list could go on and on (and does).

This is how I define happy, doing and surrounding myself with the things that bring joy in my life. Thus the list above.

I think we get wrapped up in things we wish we had, think we need, should be doing, that we lose sight of what is right in front of us and the simplicity of happy. We have exactly what we need in this very moment to be happy. We have everything we need right now to create the life we want.

I learned when I am content with where I am right now I have more than everything I ever need and stop wanting. I tend to get very anxious about the Train and mine’s financials, always worrying that we don’t make enough, don’t have enough, need to work more. No matter what we did, even if we indeed made more money, I still felt we didn’t have enough. When I told myself that what we have right now is more than enough for us, I believed it, and now I feel we are wealthier than ever before (no B.S.). I don’t fear of what I think I “can’t” have but live in all the things I do. I view everything as affordable and my wanting diminished. When you have everything you want nothing.

I also had to learn to give in to my desires rather than view them negatively. It is human nature to want, but it is the emotions behind the idea that can be problematic. Are you envious? Jealous? Sad? Unsatisfied? Unfulfilled? First acknowledging the emotion, where it’s coming from and dealing with it will helps understand why you desire something.  If it is coming from a loving healthy place and only then feel confident in giving into your desire. If it is not, deal with the emotion first in a caring and gentle manner.

I often joke with the Train about how lucky he has it because it it the smallest things that bring me the most happiness. All he has to do is get me a vegan chocolate chip cookie, take me for a drive and I can’t be mad at him am happy. Or if I get to spend the day in the kitchen playing, my heart and soul are fulfilled. But it took me a while to be appeased with this feeling of fulfillment rather than feeling I “should be” doing something more, less, whatever. My life is about the small things and for that I am thankful, satisfied, and happy.

What makes you happy? Write it down.

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 


One thought on “Defining Happy.

  1. Things that make me happy are spending time with my children and grandchildren, riding on the back of our motorcycle with my hubby on a warm, sunny day. Mowing my yard, love the smell of fresh grass-plus get to enjoy the outsides. My yearly get together with girlfriends from high school -laughing til it hurts. And my list too, goes on. Thank you for your new perspective on life, and going to put it into action.

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