Excited to be back!

I am so excited to be back! Thank you for allowing me some time away to regenerate.

I’m inspired today by a very special woman in my life. She taught me to never accept things how they are and to live life, that each moment matters but to keep it simple (stupid), to live by my word, never give up, and create, paint, and inspire.

I felt I had to revisit these commitments I made to myself (and to her) because I wasn’t living the life I wanted. I was being very critical, judgmental, and harsh with myself. And not in the sense that I felt I was beating myself up, but I wasn’t being generous with myself and accepting. I kept analyzing and critically thinking about everything that I was beginning to live in an idea of “should” and “what if” rather than the moment.

I can still strive to create and be inspirational, but I can also accept things. For instance, I was given this one body. This one amazing, beautiful, strong, body. I can strive to create a stronger yoga practice, but I can accept that I am 5 foot 4 inches and however many pounds. Rather than trying to change it, I can use it to create strength. Rather than saying it’s not good enough, I can praise it for allowing me to get into (and falling out of) a challenging pose to create love for myself and thus others.

This does not mean giving up, it means letting go. Letting go of a preconceived notion and seeing the possibilities rather than what is holding me back. I have just enough right now. It is what I do with it that counts.

Again, thank you for allowing me the time away to find this and thank you for sticking with me through it.

My intentions with this space are going to remain the same. I will continue to share my ups and downs, difficult topics and my craziness beliefs, and yummy vegan recipes. 🙂 I hope to inspire and uplift, create and challenge, and be a voice in this world.

Please continue to join me on my journey.

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 

*Happy Heavenly Birthday to my Grandma. You inspire me everyday. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a strong woman.


3 thoughts on “Excited to be back!


  2. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes chelsea. the memories u have a grama sharon n how she has inspired u with how u r living ur life. Lord knows how proud she is right now of u. i can c her smileing now. u have her strenght n widsom this i c. god bless u young lady as u jounery through this earthly form. n i love reading ur blog. love u Aunt Kelly Burns French

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