2nd Annual February-In-The-Ray, 1st ever Juice Cleanse

I hope you’ve all had a chance to catch up on this year’s February-In-The-Raw and my decision to go the first week on a Juice Cleanse. What a trip February has been already.

I said the other day I would recap my experiences and learnings from my 6 days of living on nothing but raw green juice so here you go:

– Juicing is intense. Fasting is intense. I struggled halfway into day 1 and at the end of day 4, oh and all of day 5. It wasn’t so much that I was hungry (physically I was not), but more my mind is so programmed to eat, emotionally I felt deprived and anxious. Eating tends to be a safety blanket so without it I had to deal with whatever was occurring head on. I didn’t  realize how much I depended on food to soothe and comfort. This idea was very enlightening to me and now I know how much control I give food in situations.

– Detoxing hurts. Day 1 was the day I felt the worst as far as detoxing goes. I felt icky, sickly, tired, and with a mild headache to top it all off. After day 1 my mornings and afternoons felt great, but the evenings is when I felt tired and weak. And the things that were coming out of me were enough to gag a horse. My body was working hard to do its job and remove harmful build up I’d accumulated. Let me tell you, it was working… ICK!

– The mental clarity, emotional clarity, lightness of heart I felt cannot be matched by anything. It was like falling in love for the first time, but having the mentality that is not clouded by the heart. I seriously felt nothing could bring me down. No negativity. No demeaning thoughts. No self-loathing in front of the mirror. Just blissful, sound, peaceful love for myself and the world. It was the first time in almost 10 years that I felt this way.

– My face and my nails look so much clearer and brighter! Not a single breakout! My chest and my back still have a few clearing up, but I have not been the grease-ball that I typically am. Your nails are a good indicator of your health status. If they are weak, brittle, odd colored, oddly shaped, something is going on inside that could be problematic. My nails tend to grow slowly and are weak, but now they seem stronger and more natural looking.

– I was constantly sweating from my hands and underarms (which is typical of me, but so much more this past 6 days), but I was constantly cold to the point that I could not warm up unless buried beneath 2 big blankets and a fleece sheet. And my neck/throat always felt tight and swollen. This is significant evidence that my thyroid is completely out of balance. The thyroid is the gland that is the master of homeostasis (the ability of the body to seek and maintain equilibrium) and all metabolic processes so if it is not functioning properly everything else cannot function properly. I thought this was already the case prior to doing my cleanse, so hopefully I’ve allowed it some time and gave it the nutrients it needs to begin its way back to health.

What I’ve learned:

– Food has more of a physical and emotional hold on me than I give it credit. Even today after my hard work in recovery and my week of abstinence, I find it hard not to “medicate” with food. I have dedicated myself to relearning how to eat mindfully (slowing down, chewing, tasting, listening). This is my chance to redefine myself with food and eating. What do I love about eating? What do I not? What can I change? What can I not? Am I listening to my body and hearing what it is telling me? This is the affirmation I will be saying to myself before, during, and after each meal:

– I am a mindful eater whom loves food for its nurishment. I eat mindfully and slowly, chewing each bite and savoring the tastes and textures. I listen to my body and hear when I have given it what it needs.

I thought for so long that I had this constant fear towards food and that was the only emotion I put into it, but after this wonderful experience I’ve learned that I put so much more into food than I thought. Not that this is a bad thing, food is a large part of our lives second only to sleeping, but for the past 10 years I have been putting so much more energy into food than it deserves. From now on I’m going to be spending that energy on myself like I did last week so I can continue on this beautiful path I’ve started to create.

Here’s what the rest of February-In-The-Raw looks like:

– Tons of raw fruits and vegetables

– An attempt at sprouting

– A new almond milk recipe

– Some new raw recipes

– Raw yummies (sugar-free of course) and an attempt at raw truffles

– and much more!

I cannot begin to explain to you how excited I am at this. Oh, and did I mention, I am 1 year older today. First time in a long time I’ve been this excited about my birthday. Whole new life 🙂

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 

One thought on “2nd Annual February-In-The-Ray, 1st ever Juice Cleanse

  1. Congrats to you! I am feeling very similar side-effects as far as being cold. Ugh. Today I have two pairs of pants on, two shirts, my Northface down jacket over my legs, wools socks, and shawl of my shoulders. I’m still cold. I’ve been sipping tea most of the morning, too. So I think this is just a part of the process 🙂

    So proud of you and glad you feel great!

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