Wow! What a trip! I never knew what a strong hold food has over me. Such an emotional and physical grasp thats power was far beyond my knowledge.

Yesterday, as you all will know, was a struggle for me. I just could not get satisfied with constant feelings of hunger throughout my entire body. It was maddening. Even after drinking an additional juice (that was not posted here) and a kombucha, I was ready to go crazy town on some food. I was trying with all my physical strength to resist the temptation, but…

I’m sorry to report, I caved. I had 1 bite of a mini-cupcake (damn that sugar truly is like crack!). Oh, I felt so terrible both physically and emotionally. I was so disappointed in myself. I had done so well and my punishment was the horrible headache I got from the crack overdose sugar.

(In all seriousness though, that white stuff is as bad as any drug. It causes similar reactions within the body and it is processed just the same)

Anyways, I wanted to stay honest with myself and with all of you that I did falter, but got back on the train today with a vengeance. I just had no idea how much energy and strength I give to food. I’m taking it back though!

Here’s what today looked like so far:

Morning Juice – 2 beet, 2 apples, 1 orange,  2 handfuls spinach

Midmorning Juice – Carrots and lots of them!

Afternoon Juice – 2 beets, parsley, 2 apples, 1 orange, 1/2 head romaine, 4 carrots

Dinner – REAL FOOD! Raw of course! 🙂

Dinner tonight is with the Train to celebrate me becoming 1 year older. We’re going out to my favorite vegan restaurant, Fud. I’ve talked about Fud several times (here’s the most recent). They offer raw and cooked vegan food that is amazing! I’m thinking I’m going to start off with the Raw Tomato Bisque followed with either the Raw Taco with wild rice “meat” or the Raw Wrap that is a cornucopia of fruits, veggies, jackfruit “meat” and secret sauces. Hopefully they have a raw dessert for this sugar-free girl.

I’ll recap tomorrow the full journey of my February-In-The-Raw Juice Cleanse. Until then…

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 

5 thoughts on “Day 6… THE END OF THE JUICE CLEANSE!

  1. I do have a question. If I don’t have access to a juicer, what are your suggestions for the cleanse? Looking forward to your recap for the week.

    • First establish why the need to cleanse? What is the emotional drive behind these reasons? Why do you feel a cleanse is necessary and what are your goals? Once you have determined these reason see if you can make small changes in your everyday to see if they can help you reach your goal. If not then I suggest doing extensive research on the topic of cleansing to see if there are any major changes you can make to your everyday. After you have done these both, I suggest trying a cleanse under close supervision, but a juicer would be necessary.

  2. Chuckling a little because as you talk about sweets and sugar, at the end of your blog, the advertisment is for Valentine’s Day/Personalized M&M (damn those little chocolates) 🙂 Love you and so glad you have the courage and strength to continue your journey!

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