Ask yourself the hard questions.

It wasn’t long ago if you were black, you were a slave. If you were a woman, you couldn’t vote. We used shock therapy on the mentally ill and homosexuals, children worked in the place of an adult, black and whites were segregated, and again if, you were a woman, you could not file for divorce.

We believed in these things we did to be right. It’s just the way it was and there was nothing wrong with it. It was social norms, accepted, and considered morally, ethically, and healthfully sound.

It took a lot of time and advocating, but people’s perception changed. It was through education, passion, and hard work that these social norms were changed.

Could you imagine the outrage these things would raise in today’s world?

What would you do if you saw a child working in a factory? Or a woman being beaten in public? A black man being whipped? A black woman not allowed on bus?

You would be disgusted and angered. You would speak up. You would stop the terrible act of abuse, neglect, mistreatment, and ignorance.

But yet we continue, after all the research, knowledge, facts, to abuse, neglect, and mistreat animals. We continue to factory farm, harm and maltreat animals, and turn a blind-eye to the topics.

“If I don’t see it, I am not physically contributing to the issue”

But you are. We all are. By opening that can of tuna that came from the factory farmed fish swimming it a pool of feces and dead fish, grilling that chicken breast that came from the chicken who never saw the light of day, stood on its own two feet, and consumed “feed” made of plastic pellets, animal blood, and euthanized cats and dogs.

“But I didn’t physically kill the cow”

You didn’t? By purchasing, supporting, and consuming the steak, chop, or filet, your hands may not have physically cut its throat, but you did take its precious life.

And the endless amount of documented research stating the harmful effects eating animal and animal byproducts has on the body, but yet we still seem to be confused at the millions of diseases plaguing us. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer have all been linked back to consuming animal and animal by products.

And how is it that will the abundance of dairy we continue to have the highest rate of osteoporosis? Could it possibly be the one thing said to be needed 3-a-day is actually causing our troubles? The countries with the lowest consumption of animal and animal byproducts have the lowest rate of disease and cancer. Take Japan for example, practically devoid of cancer except in areas that are familiar with the Standard American Diet of meat, cheese, and fast processed foods.

Ask the hard questions rather than accept the social norm. If no one hadn’t, we’d still be abusing African-Americans, oppressing women, and living a life of segregation.

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 


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