The Great BC Debate…

About a year ago I started The Great BC Debate after I decided to let go of a almost 10 year habit of oral contraceptives.

And I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of positive support from many of you (thank you by the way!). Unfortunately, there have been some side-effects of ceasing a decade of hormone replacement therapy.

Thankfully they waited until after the wedding to come along…

Hair Loss: my hair was falling out by the handful, or at least that is what it felt like. I’d comb through my hair and it would be full of fallen soldiers. I’d have to clean the shower daily because there was so much hair in the drain. It was scary. It was messy. But it was so worth it. To date, my hair is getting back to healthy happy and thick state. I may have a strand or two in my comb, but this is worth living with knowing my insides are balancing themselves out again.

Breakouts Galore: literally, my face was one big nasty zit. OK, maybe not literally, but it was pretty bad. They were everywhere! And, they were the really sore, thick, cystic type. Oh, they were terrible and terribly embarrassing. This was harder to deal with than the hair loss because there was no way to cover them up and I felt as if they were screaming at anyone who looked at me. I’m happy to say after a long hard 6 months of battling these little demons, I think I have conquered them. It took a lot of greens, a lot of kombucha, and a lot of love. A few little guys remain, but I am loving how my skin looks and feels now.

Bow-chika-bow-wow: Uh… or the lack there of. Let’s just say may lady parts weren’t feeling they way they used to. I constantly felt as though my hormones were bottomed out and dried up leaving me no desire. Thank goodness The Train is so sweet (and might I add, smokin’ hot!). 🙂

Increase poundage: With my hormones all over the place, my insides seeked stability and comfort with food. I could not get full and I was constantly hungry due to the constant flux in hormones, which led to about an 7lb increase on the scale. Fine by me had it not be a psychotic feeling of constant scarfing of sugary cookies and treats, but it was. I mean I had to have a cookie (or 2) every day, that’s what my body was telling me?! Today, the cookie monster no long live within me and I’m back to craving my usuals (greens, oats, fruits, etc.). But I’m glad I listened to my body and gave it what it wanted. I feel happy about it and 4 of the pounds have already melted away.

Others: lack of focus and concentration, constant fatigue and lack of energy,  inability to sleep, hot flashes and horrible feelings of being cold. It was as if I was going trough puberty and menopause at the same time. Or at least what I remember of puberty and what I imagine menopause to feel like.

I still haven’t had a period, which is now after a year, starting to bother/worry me. I’m currently doing research on naturopathic doctors and herbologists to seek their advice.

Gosh, hormones are important. They control everything. I don’t know why anyone would want to F… mess with them. I know I won’t be again. Ever again.

Thankfully, I feel well again. Better then well, I feel great. I feel a clarity and happiness I’ve never known.

What are your thoughts on Oral Contraception? 

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 


5 thoughts on “The Great BC Debate…

  1. Oh wow, Chels, I didn’t have nearly the side effects. It took a couple months for my cycles to regulate, but I’m back to pre-BC. I did really struggle with acne for a good half year, too, all over my neck and jaw. And let me tell ya, zits on your neck are REALLY hard to cover! Monitoring my cycles, it’s incredibly obvious just how hormonal my acne is as my estrogen and progesterone levels rise and fall.

    I’m surprised by your lack of sexual desire. For me, that was a big reason I got off the pill. Once my body got to produce some testosterone again, I was ready to go, physically and mentally. So… yay! haha.

    For the most, I really like being off a hormonal contraceptive. I use the Fertility Awareness Method to monitor my cycles. Before that, I used to complain about never knowing when my period is coming, but now, I just look for my temperature to fall. The morning it drops below 98, I know I’ll get my period probably that evening.
    Good luck on your doctor search! I hope you can get everything naturally balanced again.

    • So glad to hear you didn’t have the rough and tumble road to recovery as I have. YES, acne on my jaw line and neck. Oh my gosh, they were so painful and just looked horrible! So glad to hear I’m not alone in this!

      You are back on a normal schedule now though? I have never head of the Fertility Awareness Method, how does it work? You feel it’s pretty accurate? Sounds like it is!

      • The book is “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler. By monitoring my basal body temperature, cervical fluid and position, I now know when I ovulate, instead of just guessing or assuming it’s day 14 of a 28-day cycle, and when I’ll begin mestruation. It’s a huge eye opener, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or prevent it. My cycles actually average 33 days, with ovulation occuring on day 21 and about a 12-13 day luteal phase.

        I’d be happy to send the book to you if you’d like. Just let me know.

  2. Chels… Have you ever gotten your thyroid checked? I found out I had mild hypothyroidism (odd since I have never been over weight in my life, and actually on the thin side). Some side effects I realized in hind sight were- periods of being very cold and lots of fatigue…that and not having regular cycles. Just thought I would throw that out there since I never thought in a million years that would be my case, but it was found out during a simple blood test during a routine physical. They do prescribe meds, but they are non-addictive and very inexpensive and I feel 100% better.

    • Jen,

      Thank you for the great feedback! I’ve actually been told this before, but never looked into. I will definitely bring this up. Thank you so much. And so great to hear from you. You’re little guy is too cute!


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