Day 2 – Green Smoothie Movement

Day two has commenced of my week of Green Smoothies. And I’d like to say these past two days have gone as easy and smooth as I planned, but we all know that could never be the case.

Let’s take a look back on day one.

It started out great with a giant smoothie of 1 1/2 bananas, 1/2 head of romaine, 1 scoop Vega, and 1 c. almond milk. I was full until lunch and that was even with a pretty good go on the elliptical. Lunch was similar to breakfast, but instead of romaine I used 1/2 bunch of collards. A few hours later I had a snack of 2 scoops of Vega and 1 c. almond milk followed with dinner of 1 banana, 1/2 head romaine, and 1 c. almond milk.

I felt pretty good for the most part. There’s always a but isn’t there…

Well it turns out there was a gas leak that was being worked on where I work. The place reeked of natural gas even with the doors open and air flowing. I started to get a headache in the afternoon. Me being me, I thought it was due to the detoxing or something along those lines. But when I got home, the ache got so bad I started to get nauseous and was up all night with a pounding in my head and that ick in my throat.

The next day did not go as planned. The thought of downing anything, even a my beloved greens, made me quiver with disgust. I tried to stick it out and go to work, but the smell still lingered and the nauseated feeling I kept getting forced me home to the couch (thank goodness for Netflix and endless episodes of Glee).

It wasn’t until late that afternoon that food started to sound appeasing. I kept it simple to a broth and mushroom soup from my new-found favorite restaurant Blue Koi (O.M.G good!). I decided if I was going to feel like shit terrible, I was at least going to indulge myself in something that I really like. Before bed I ate two big apples, but that was it for the day.

What’s life if not ever-changing. Just goes to show that try as I might, I need to just let go a little more and just live life rather than constantly trying to plan, plan, plan.

That’s not to say that I’m not going to continue with this week’s Green Movement, but I am going to be so much more open to roll with the punches. I did say my New Year’s Resolution was to live a life more in balance and to me that means a little more give and take.

Todays’ menu looks something like this: Breakfast – 1 banana, 1 scoop Vega, 1/2 head romaine, 1 c. almond milk 1 tsp Maca, Lunch – 1 1/2 bananas, 1 scoop Vega, 1/2 bunch kale, 1 c. almond milk, Snack – 1 Kombucha, Dinner – 1 avocado, 1/2 head romaine, 1 scoop Vega, 1 c. almond milk. This is subject to change, but for now this is what the forecast looks like.

With that said I have a few questions for you:

How do you live a life of balance when you feel you’ve been knocked off course? And what does a life of balance mean to you?

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 


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