Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all getting ready for a day full of family and loved ones. I also hope smells of delicious (vegan) dishes are perfuming your home.

With Thanksgiving on the brain I’ve been thinking of all the things I am thankful for.

Here is my Love list of all the things I am grateful for:

  • My husband
  • My lululemon yoga mat
  • My children cats Gelato and Simpson
  • My amazing job
  • The big brown chair I cuddle up in every morning
  • All of you
  • Black stretchy pants
  • Chai tea latte
  • My beautiful nieces
  • Fuzzy boots and old slippers
  • All of you
  • Two Buck Chuck
  • Ashtanga, vinyasa, restorative, power… Yoga of all forms
  • Sunday drives and vegan chocolate chip cookies
  • Kale and green smoothies
  • My wonderful, amazing, supportive, loving family and friends
  • All of you
  • And so, so much more…

What are you thankful for?

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you.


2 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I am thankful for:
    * My family and the fact that they are all in a good place in their lilves
    * My darling granddaughters who are in great health and full of energy
    * My friends
    * A job that I love and the people I work with
    * I am thankful that with support I have lost weight, started exercising and feel better than I have in many years
    * Thankful that I have someone in my life who keeps reminding me to concentrate on the positive and not the negative
    * And more……

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