A balancing act – Yoga & Life.

I am a creature of habit and a lover of routine. I like to get into the flow of things and tend to not stray.

Wake up 6 (sometime 7) a.m., breakfast (usually a smoothie) while watching the Today show and checking emails. Same thing, every day. But from here there is little to no establishment going on in my life creating a little bit of chaos.

There is always a yoga/workout of some type in there and of course work, however with my job (which I must say I love) I’m not given a chance to get a routine under my belt.

And maybe this is good for me not having a routine, making me live in the moment and appreciate what is happening that day rather than just going through the motions and being monotonous. But I would like a little familiarity in my days.

I think you can all relate?

I am determined to figure out a way to get a little more balance in  my life so that I, well am more balanced. Enter, the yoga mat.

After a trip on my mat, regardless of how the day was going before, I always feel as though I can handle anything. And although I have been sticking to my goals from the summer, I believe my life could use a little more.

Here is what I’m purposing to help create a little more balance and routine, planning out my yoga/workout schedule for the week to come Sunday evening. This week’s looks something like this:

Monday: Spinning 6 am

Tuesday: 6 am Yoga

Wednesday: Spinning 6 am

Thursday: Eat Rest 🙂

Friday: Spinning 7:15 am

Saturday: 9 am Yoga

Sunday: 9 am Yoga

(I have recently found much love on the bike and wanted to be sure to add it to my day)

I’m going to hold myself accountable, but still listen to my body and it’s needs (6 am classes and I sometimes just do not get along). And of course with all this spinning and downward dogs, I’ll be stirring up some recovery dishes to share with you all (Buttercup Squash Soup anyone? 🙂 )

How do you get routine in your life?

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 


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