Honeymoon Photos: Halifax & St. John’s Canada

I thought it would be fun to share with you all some pictures of our honeymoon trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John’s, New Brunswick. I have hundreds of pictures, but I picked the best for your viewing pleasures.

 After a very quick and crazy day and a half in NYC, we boarded a 5 days cruise to the beautiful country of Canada. And even though the weather was a tap bit on the cooler side, we enjoyed every second of our time up north.

Canada was beautiful, amazing, breath-taking, relaxing, lovely, romantic and refreshing. We had such a great time each place it’s hard saying which one was our favourite. The cruise along the way was like a beautiful cherry on a very delicious and decadent sundae. We’ll definitely be going back, hopefully sooner than later. But we’re going to see a little more of what Canada has to offer (we’re thinking Vancouver or Montreal).

Hope you enjoy the photos.

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5 thoughts on “Honeymoon Photos: Halifax & St. John’s Canada

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