If it ended today, what would yours say?

If your life ended today, what would your obituary say?

Inspiring so many with her passion for life, C.A. Craig, died of natural
causes after a long and healthy life at the age of 104 years old. Craig, a pioneer for true health and wellness of all living things, never settled for mediocrity and is described as one whose 
zealous spirit and deep passion touched countless lives. Craig is remembered most for her work with animals and animal rights, fine and funky vegan cuisine, lululemon athletica, and healthy living activism. She loved deeply, played the game of life to its fullest and left this world without a single regret.

This is a good start…

Have you ever sat down and thought about what you would like your obituary to say? What will they say about you after you have served your time? Will it be filled with joy and talk about the fullness of your life or will they find it hard to fill the space? Will they say you lived life on the edge, never looking back, and creating something incredible? Or not? How will you be remembered?

I think about my own obituary quite a bit actually. To some this may seem morbid, but to me, it is inspiring. I know how I want to be remembered and what I want it to say. And the only way it is going to say that is by living it.

I can’t expect it to say I was an authoritative figure in the advocacy of veganism/animal rights if I don’t actually do that every single day. Nor can I expect it to say I was an inspiration to others if I do not truly live an inspirational life. Every. Single. Day.

And although some days are better than other, having this thought constantly on the forefront of my brain, I am reminded to do my best to live the most amazing life possible. A truly rad life, full of fear, mistakes, successes, laughter, love, passion, authenticity, and fun, one that I can look back upon when my time comes and say Now that was great.

So I ask you this. What do you want your obituary to say and how are you making that happen?

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 


One thought on “If it ended today, what would yours say?

  1. You, as usual, are very inspiring. I have thought many times about this. When I have it figured out, I’ll share it with you.

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