The lessons of Life shortened for your viewing pleasure.

Wow, life is so freakin’ awesome! I never stop learning and developing. Each day has brought a new amazing experience for me to gain knowledge from and grow. I can’t say it’s been easy, but ride has been so worth my while.

I’d like to take a moment and share with you some of the things I’ve learned recently…

1. Forgiveness. Such a simple word but one of my most difficult at that. Stop blaming, shaming, degrading. These will only cause you to waste a perfectly capable and beautiful life. There is nothing bold, courageous, or noble in holding onto the past and living your live around it. What is bold, courageous, and noble is accepting what did or did not happen, learning from it, and letting it go. Forgiveness is like pooping. It is our way of get rid of and releasing all the waste and harmful shit. If you hold on to your poop, you become constipated and unhealthy. Similarly, if you hold onto your past you become full of waste, unhealthy, and may even smell of shit. Let it go. Forgive.

2. Live in the moment. So cliché but so amazingly true. Put the past where it belongs, behind you. Own what happened, what you did or did not do, and let it go. What happened 10 years, 10 hours, 10 minutes, 10 seconds ago does not matter. Stop living your life in the past, and even more importantly, stop living your life for the future. You will never get Monday October 10th 2011 again. Enjoy it NOW.

3. You only get one. You only get one life, one body, one shot down here. Live it in a way as if You-Know-Who called and said, “Ok, this is it. You’ve got 24 hours and then it’s time to call it quits. Better do it up right.” Tomorrow is not a guarantee. If you get it great, if not do you want to be the one standing in front of the pearly gates saying “I wish I would have done…” or “I never got to do…”?

4. You are not a number. Whether it’s on the scale, in your pants, at work, or in your bank account, you are not a number. You are a living, breathing, loving, achieving, amazing, beautiful entity defined as such, not by a number. Can you touch a number? No. Can you touch your face, your arm, your leg. Yes. You are not an intangible, non-living, undefining, number.

5. Love. Love today and the fact that you are able to see it. Love yourself and the fact that you are you. Love your parents, if it weren’t for them you would not be. Love the Earth, it gives to you more than anything else. Love your siblings, they are the Big-Blob-In-The-Sky’s gift to you of endless love and the best friends you’ll ever have. Love.

6. Redefine failure. Failure is not messing up, screwing up, fucking up, or doing something wrong. Failure is the exact opposite. Failure is giving up, not going for it, being afraid, and holding back. Failure is not learning, not growing, not challenging yourself, and not developing. We learn from our mess ups and our mistakes, this is not failure. We don’t learn from mediocrity and comfort. This is failure. Redefine failure.

Wow, sometimes I amaze myself. Life is so freakin’ awesome.

Tell me about you.

Be gentle. Be kind. Be loving to you. 


3 thoughts on “The lessons of Life shortened for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Great lessons to keep in mind. I am going to print each paragraph title and hang where I will see it every day. To keep these in mind. And YES… is freakin’ awsome!!!!

  2. So true. I know, I know…I will keep going at it. I am thankful for having you around to remind me of all of these things. I love you!!

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