Friday Night Flap with a little Cheer!

It’s finally here! Did this week drag on for any one else besides me? Well regardless of time standing still, the weekend is here and it’s time to celebrate with some cheer (since I missed this week’s WWC)!

Today I present to you a tutorial of sorts.

It’s time to get back to our roots and give an old-time classic some much-needed love. Let us rejoice in the perfectly balanced carbohydrate, protein, and fats dish and cheers to this wonderful hand-held meal!

This is a how-to on sandwich building so you can create the perfect sandwich time and time again. No more boring, lifeless, fall-apart sandwiches after this step-by-step guide.

Let’s discuss the science of sandwiching.

Every great sandwich begins with a great bread. This will either make or break (literally and figuratively) your sandwich. Skip the cardboard, “low carb”, “no carb”, “low-fat”, no taste, boring, bland, ok you get the point, and choose a bread that has come texture and sturdiness. A wonderful multigrain, focacia or ciabata bread will work fabulously.

(Side note: please give carbohydrates a chance again! They are not to be feared for any reason so long as they are not WHITE and REFINED! It’s called Wonder Bread for a reason, so you can wonder what it’s truly made of. Whole grains of all kinds offer carbohydrates, proteins and an abundance of wonderful nutrients vital to your health and well-being. Say it with me “I love you Carbohydrates!”)

Next, once you have your bread of choice you’ll need what I call “the glue.” This is what will hold you sandwich together and keep things in place nicely. Here is where you’ll get a lot of bang and wow in your sandwich. I like a vegan mayonnaise for a little zip along with a hummus or tapenade for a playful flavor. Get creative, grainy mustard, pickled relish, pesto do wonders. This is a blank canvas upon which to paint.

After you have slathered it’s time for the “meate” of the sandwich (yes the E was intentional for obvious reasons). Here is where things get funky. Texture is key so pick things that vary. A little crunch layered on some chew followed with something soft creates a melody for which your mouth can make a symphony. Tomato, zucchini, avocado and romaine or spinach, cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, and red onion pair well. I also like tempeh, apples, sprouts, and mixed greens. Play around the sky’s the limit!

After you’ve gotten some bulk, add a little more glue in the middle to assure everything stays where you want it, sandwich the two halves together, and devour!

hmmm, carby goodness, yum.

As I said before, this blog is not only intended for me but also for all of you. I hope to inspire and provoke.  This blog is not only about me and my soul searching journey, but I hope it can be a place for you to offer comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. With that said what sections would you like to see more of? What types of recipes would you like to see? What topics are you interested in or have questions about that I may be able to research and hopefully find some sort of answer to?

Tell me about you. 

7 thoughts on “Friday Night Flap with a little Cheer!

  1. Ya know, this is the 2nd time I’ve thought of the relation between food and art tonight. First time came when I had a feeling I wanted to “make” something and I ended up making peanut butter cookies in the kitchen. But since I wasn’t even hungry and they were so not healthy, as I was making them I was thinking… “every time I feel like this… I should go make actual ART instead.” So I’m going to try that next time. Better for my body, mind and soul!

    And then your comment above on how the bread is your canvas on which to paint. This makes perfect sense in trying to create a healthy, well-thought out, well put-together meal for yourself…Not often do we think through art as we’re doing it in an art therapy setting, but it is full of meaning whether we try to add that in purposefully or not. So often I catch myself just pouring a bowl of cereal, or eating cereal out of the box, or eating things carelessly. Things I’d never do if I was preparing something for or with someone else. So I should start treating myself (and my digestive system) better… and with more purpose.

    Glad I could get that out. I’m busy writing a paper right now on incorporating “Soul” into “Art.” And I’m being reminded through this project and all of my classes that I need to think things through more often in my own life… through my art, interactions with people, my food, my exercise, etc. Everything has meaning to it! Thanks Chelsea 🙂

    • I always admire your insight. Taking time to prepare each meal with patience and creativity is one of the most giving things your can do for your body and soul. Thank you for such a beautiful comment. I’d love to read your paper you’re working on!

      Thanks Elena ❤

  2. I really enjoyed your blog and Elena’s comments. I didn’t think about bread being a canvas. Interesting. I forget to think about sandwiches for lunch, great change from my salads. Recipes I’d like to see? With the weather getting cooler, hot meals are great. I love the “throw whatever you have” soups. But more ideas for meals will be nice. Thanks

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