Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? Which is most important for your health?

So which one is it? Should you focus all your energy on breakfast to have the best health or is it dinner that is going to take your efforts to the next level. Better yet, does lunch have the most impact on you and your body’s shape?

The answer?

Each meal plays such a vital role in your health, your efforts and your body’s shape.

Do you even find yourself on the endless cycle of bingeing at night, “making up” for it in the morning by skipping breakfast, and then bingeing again because you’re so hungry only to repeat the cycle the next day? If you choose to skip breakfast or minimize it, later on in the day you will find yourself unable to control your food intake because your insatiable, and maybe not that day or the next, but sooner or later the hunger will catch up with you causing you to binge. But if you choose to make this meal the main focus nutritionally, you may find yourself needing less in the evening and feel light and ready for a big meal in the morning. If I had to put my money on one meal, I’d put it on breakfast.

Breakfast is not named “break fast” just by chance. It literally is breaking the 9 – 12 hour fast your body is going through each night. This is the meal that is going to jump start your metabolism and get your engine running. Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day in the sense that it sets up your day nutritionally. Have a good nutricious breakfast theoretically leads you making good healthy choices the rest of the day.

Lunch gives your body and metabolism a boost to keep you going throughout the rest of your day. There is a reason you feel light headed, foggy, and a little sluggish in the afternoon hours. It’s because you have depleted your energy supplies that you got from your breakfast and need to replenish it to keep your energy up until it’s time to rest for the evening. If there was a race between meals, lunch would come in a very close second to breakfast.

Dinner in the race between meals comes is third (in my opinion). This evening meal is a way to carry one into a lovely sweet dream land. And since the nutrient and caloric density was focused towards the time of day when energy demands are high, there is only a need for something light that won’t cause one to wake up at 3:30 in the morning with a rumbling stomach. Dinner gives me the energy my body needs to allow me to rest and restore so I can wake up refreshed (and hungry) for the morning.

What’s almost just as important to what you eat is planning ahead to set yourself up for successful mealing. Make a little extra rice to use throughout the week, prepare a big chopped salad to supplement any meal, chop up vegetables and store them in glass or BPA free plastic containers to make snacking and meals a cinch making skipping a meal or preparing the same boring thing time and time again an afterthought. This will help keep the binges at bay and prevent you from getting to that point where you are so hungry you’d eat a sock.

Oh and don’t forget the cookie! Treating yourself not only treats your palate, it treats the soul and is a way of taking care of you.

Sorry guys no Cheer today. I messed up this week’s recipe and couldn’t get it right. I got so frustrated I said to heck with it and went to Whole Paycheck Foods and had a sandwich instead. 🙂

Tell me about you.


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