Friday Night Flap: Guest Post – The Train has arrived!

Is it possible for a week to fly by and yet still seem drag on? That’s kind of how I’m feeling this Friday. But it’s Friday and the weekend is before me so I’m focused on some good times with friends, family, and the Train.

Speaking of the Train…

I mentioned in this week’s WWC that I had a BIG surprise for you all this week. You’ve all heard me talking about him, but many of you have yet to meet him. Finally, after a few subtly dropped hints and possibly even some begging you will all get to hear the voice behind the man I lovingly call the Train.

Please give a warm welcome to the love of my life. I hope you’ll all enjoy his wit and humor as much as I do. Without further ado I present to you my best friend, my soul mate, my love Mr. Z Train. 🙂

The Vegetable Eating Meathead

I was requested to write a guest post. I’m not sure why….maybe because Chelsea didn’t want to write, maybe because there needed to be some testosterone on her blog, or possibly because she just wanted a change of pace. I am referred to as “The Train” on here but my real name is Zac. Nobody even calls me the Train except for Chelsea and maybe a few friends after a few drinks when we start making fun of each other (yes, Brett Heltne, Laughy, and NAB I am talking to you). I am better known as a meathead, and am damn proud of it. I have even been called an “educated meathead” before simply because of my degrees I suppose. I compete in strongman competitions and love to train. Exercise has never been a love-hate relationship but rather a simply love-love relationship. There is no feeling of testing your body to the limit and the shot of adrenaline you get competing. The only adrenaline rush I can compare it to that I have done is skydiving.

Before you stop reading, I want to point this out. Since I assume mostly women read these blogs (or at least Chelsea has hinted that to me), I am going let you women dive into a man’s head for a minute. I always hear women saying men are complicated creatures but it is just simply not true. There are a few things you need to know about homo sapiens with a penis. We love to eat, sleep, and watch football. Also, we don’t pick up on hints. If you want something done, you need to tell us point-blank. Don’t leave the vacuum cleaner out if you want me to vacuum. Don’t leave the broom out if you want me to sweep. I won’t see these things and if I do, I’ll think you just left it out and kindly put it back where it goes. Ok, I had to throw that in, but with this being a nutritional/vegan blog, it is probably imperative I write about nutrition and a man’s first love, which is eating.

We love to eat. Many of us, including myself, are meat and potatoes guys. A guy that loves this eating style lives with a woman who is a vegan…….how can this be? Read on and I’ll tell you. I’ll also let you in on a secret of how to get your man to eat healthier as I have.

Until about a year ago, I was the type of person who thought you had to have meat at every meal. I will never become a vegetarian as I love eating animal flesh too much. However, Chelsea has let me eat this (I’m sure she judges) while adding a vegan lifestyle into my life as well.

You see, us males, are generally lazy people when it comes to food. We love to grill but everything else is just not our forte. I would much rather grill all day long than to bake for 30 minutes or make a salad in 5 minutes. This is where you can play a role. Chelsea has decided, whether consciously or not, that I was going to eat less meat. She was going to still let me grill my chicken, steaks, potatoes, etc. but she would make everything else. She also decided she was going to prepare the meals. Ok cool, I was fine with that.

That is when the revolution started and I didn’t even know it. It started off as getting my meals with the normals. The meat was the main dish with a carbohydrate and vegetable on the side. Then the main dish I thought I would be getting (chicken, steak, etc) kept getting smaller each meal and the side dishes (the stuff actually good for you) kept getting larger. I noticed it but I didn’t care as she was preparing them. But then a bombshell hit one night. There was no meat on the plate. All I was looking at was plant products. As a guy, I looked around as if she had forgotten to give it to me. There was none around and she insisted I just “try it”. I thought I would “try it” until she turned her head and I quickly tossed it in the trash can. I took the first bite and my all vegan meal and I can’t complain. With the right spices, dressings, etc, it can actually taste good and hit the spot on the palate. Now, I don’t eat meat for every meal and am pretty sure I get more fruits and vegetables than anyone in America. I even ask for more vegetables or salad sometimes. Most importantly, I don’t mind and I feel better every day. I have more energy, my training has improved, and my overall life is better. Right now, I am able to tackle my extremely busy schedule and I think it is due to the change in how I eat.

I feel this is something everyone can do, whether male or female. Hell, if Bill Clinton can do it, we all can. May it take more time, yes. However, as I tell Chelsea all the time, you can’t put a price tag on health. It may take a little more time but it is worth it.

I am not telling you not to eat animals, because I can tell you I won’t. However, I do believe you can improve your life and health by decreasing what animal products you do eat.

I have included a summary as I know I don’t always read all articles of how to get your man to eat a healthier lifestyle. Below that, I have also given a REAL review of a modification of grocery products you can switch to vegan/vegetarian without a drop-off in taste. This is coming from someone who will never be a vegan or vegetarian but is looking to eat healthier like myself.

How to get your man eating a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Don’t tell him what you are doing (and no, we won’t figure it out at first)
  2. Prepare all meals at first because we won’t argue with what is on the plate
  3. Build up slow when you start taking or lowering the meat product
  4. Start off with fruit as most people like fruit better and gradually go to half-half
  5. Buy a juicer. This has saved my life. I was skeptical at first but there is nothing like a freshly squeezed orange/apple juice. In case you were wondering (and I was at first), Simply Orange/Apple doesn’t even compare

Products in which you can switch:

Butter-switch to Smart Balance. I think it is actually better than butter

Bread-can buy this at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods

Erin Baker’s breakfast cookies-Peanut Butter

Cookies-I actually prefer vegan over regular

Tofu-can’t switch but a good alternative if you can cook it right (I can’t but Chelsea can)

Products you can’t switch:

Bacon-never will be a substitute for the real thing

Hot Dogs-who cares, these things are disgusting either way

If you’ve got more questions, you’re in good hands. Chelsea knows more about nutrition than anyone I know. With that, I’ll sign off.

Tell me about you.

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