Weekly Wednesday Cheer: The importance of a word.

I used to be the person who stuffed everything. Words, food, emotions, I pushed them all deep down within me. So fixated on food, my weight and my appearance, all I wanted was to be a pretty face. With no internal or external voice I literally stood for nothing. All I was was this hollow shell wandering through life half-heartedly.

It wasn’t until I sought the help of a holistic counselor that I began to find my voice, Chelsea’s voice. I began talking my way through my emotions and beliefs. I started protesting against unhealthy habits and notions, and started fighting for healthy ones. I questioned every thought that crossed my mind to determine where it came from and if it was beneficial to me. I repeated to myself often the changes I was trying to achieve – healthy mind, body, and soul through healthy food and compassion.

It took quite some time for me to feel confident with my voice and myself, but it’s amazing the difference it has made in all aspects of my life. Not only do I feel stronger emotionally, but it has made me stronger physically. And it all came from releasing the words, the toxins that I had stuffed down so deep for so many years.

Today, my voice is loud. I’m sure at times a little too loud, but I’ll take that over too soft. I stand for many important issues: veganism, animal rights, climate change, reducing waste, educating, and yoga. And you’ll see me wearing all my different hats at all times. I refuse to compromise on any of my beliefs, always learning  more and growing.

How’s your voice? What do you stand for?

This week’s Weekly Wednesday Cheer is a raw treat that will change the way you think about raw foods. I promise, once you try this it’ll be a breakfast staple!

Kreamy Peach Parfait: 2 generous portions, 3 modest

2 ripe peaches

2 medium ripe banana

1/4 c. soaked almonds

1/4 – 1/2 c. water

3 – 4 merjool dates (depending on the ripeness of the peaches)

1/2 c. Sun Wheaties *see bottom for recipe

To make the Kreamy Peach part of the parfait, place the peaches, 1 banana, dates, and almonds into a blender and pulsing everything together. Start by adding 1/4 c. of water with the blender on medium speed, adding more as needed to create a yogurt like consistency.

The Sun Wheaties will take a day or more to make so it’s best to do this part of the parfait before hand. What are Sun Wheaties? They are soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated buckwheat groats which are full of vital nutrients. To make Sun Wheaties soak 1/2lb of groats overnight, drain and rinse, and set out in a single layer on a baking sheet in the sun for a day. A great source of vitamins and protein, Sun Wheaties don’t have much for flavor, but when added to salads, desserts, andparfaits they add healthy crunchy texture.

Slice the remaining banana into small slices for layering.

In the bottom of a parfait cup place layer of Sun Wheaties followed with the KreamyPeach, banana slices, more Sun Wheaties, Kreamy Peach, banana, and top with a sprinkling of yet more Sun Wheaties.

Grab a spoon and enjoy!

September-In-The-Raw is going great! Tons of energy but I’m still battling the breakouts?! I’m going to bring in more greens to see if that helps balance out my pH and clears them up. I’m starting to get really really irritated though. I’m also trying Lush facial products so there will be a product review coming up very soon.

Tell me about you. 


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