Friday Night Flap

Who is excited for the long weekend? This girl is for sure! Family, yoga, sun and raw food? Yep, I’m even excited for the challenge of eating only raw foods during this holiday three-day break. It may mean a little more prepping on my end, but it’ll be so worth it in the end.

I’ve got a lot planned this weekend, shopping, lululemon athletica community yoga, raw vegan meals (Fud and Blue Bird Bistro just to name a few) and some much needed relaxation. What do you have planned for the extended holiday break?

I am overjoyed to see so many of you excited about September-In-The-Raw! I got a lot of great feedback from some of you to which I saw keep it coming. I’ve already started doing some research for some more great recipes, grocery lists, and vegan restaurant reviews.

Back to today’s Friday Night Flap, did everyone enjoy this week’s Weekly Wednesday Cheer Raw Taco Filling? I know I did, every day, with every meal. It’s just so good! I think it got better as it set for a day because the garlic was allowed to marinate a little giving it more depth of flavor.

As I said before, this blog is not only intended for me but also for all of you. I hope to inspire and provoke.  This blog is not only about me and my soul searching journey, but I hope it can be a place for you to offer comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. With that said what sections would you like to see more of? What types of recipes would you like to see? What topics are you interested in or have questions about that I may be able to research and hopefully find some sort of answer to?

Tell me about you. 


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