Is your balance off balance?


Happy Rainyday Tuesday!

It’s cool and dark around here in KC. These are my favorite kind of days. I secretly always hope that Sundays are a like this because they make me want to stay in my robe all day long, throw on the glasses, and veg on the couch with the Train. Just enjoy a relaxing day off from the world to reenergize.

But every Sunday isn’t gloomy and couch-inviting, so these days of reenergizing sometimes are hard to come by leaving me in familiar territory of fatigue or feeling off.

We all know life is all about balance not only with food or work and play, but also giving and receiving. Not in the sense of actually giving someone something tangible, but of giving and receiving physical and emotional energy from others and the universe. For instance, you know that person at work who seems to just drain you? Something about their persona or their presence just brings you down? This would be an instance of you, willingly or not, giving energy to someone else. Or when you’re feeling a little down and you talk to someone who is so happy and has so much life, making you feel as if you have a little more umph and spunk. This would be you receiving energy from another person. We are always giving and receiving energy into the universe. We take when we need, willingly or not, and give when we have more.

And we’ve all heard by now how damaging stress can be on our bodies causing us to age prematurely, raise our blood pressure and call illnesses and disease, but yet we refuse to take off our blinders of work and career success to take a second to see the whole picture.

I took a yoga class the other day that focused on this thought of giving and receiving energy. A balance of Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, solar and lunar energies. Knowing when to push through something and take charge as well as when to step back and support. The instructor focused on working hard in the moment and giving solar energy into the pose followed with a lunar receiving from the work done and pulling from the universe when needed.

I tend to be a giver in circumstances and I find at the end of my day I often feel completely drained of energy. Even in situations when I’m not necessarily physically using or giving energy, I try to be the one to bring everyone together and boost them up to make them feel good and better about themselves. But I don’t do this for myself a lot. I’ve gotten better about being more gentle and compassionate (no more bad self-talk) but I still have a little ways to go as far as letting my body receive energy from my hard work and from others.

For example, it’s hard for me to enjoy a day off from anything. My mind is constantly going and I have this nagging feeling that I need to be doing something. Sound familiar? Do you often find on your days off you’re running here and there, picking up this, dropping off that, trying to catch up on things missed only to find you didn’t actually have a day off from anything by from actually going in to your place of work? Or are you the person who gives it your all all week long, working for the weekend, and then has no energy to actually enjoy the time off?

Whatever your vice, it is always good to remember balance. I try to remember I only get one shot down here and to give a girl some slack. It’s a little challenging to put my words into action, but recognition is the first step to achieving or fixing anything, so I know I’m headed in the right direction. So long as I keep reminding myself of this thought of giving and receiving, I know I’ll find balance in all aspects of my life.

Where do you struggle to find balance? Tell me about you.

2 thoughts on “Is your balance off balance?

  1. I can totally relate! In fact being a giver and not knowing how to relax has led me into difficult times. Thankfully, God knocked some sense into me and I’m finally working on balance and getting life back on track.

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