Day 2: Better mood & more energy!

Day 2 SSVegan Master Cleanse:

Well, it was a hell of a lot better than the first day that is for sure. I actually had energy to keep my eyes open and do a full almost 8 hours of work with a smile on my face and a few dance parties mixed in there. The SWF did it’s thing this morning, enough said. I had 6 lemonades today with 2 herbal teas for a little something different. It was a very successful day. I feel really good. But…

I want to eat food SO bad. It’s not even that I’m hungry because I’m not, the lemonade is actually giving me what I need as far as hunger goes. But I want to chomp, chew, taste food so bad, it’s all I can think about. All I want is a big cold salad, that’s all, with lots of romaine, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, oh and some avocados, beets, carrots, tofu. OMG!

I’m sure this is totally normal, however, with my past I’ve decided the Master Cleanse is probably not for me. I do not want to get obsessive again so I’m making a few changes. I still want to do some more cleansing to let my body get back on track (aka – see if these F-ing zits will clear the F up!) so I’ve tweaked it a little.

Two days of lemonade was great, giving my body some much needed rest so my organs could actually have the chance to do their thing, but starting tomorrow I’m incorporating green juices (veggies only) for breakfast and lunch and for dinner a moderate salad (veggies only). I was going to do a green smoothie for dinner, but if I don’t eat a salad, I might go mad! We’ll see though. I’ll do this for two days and then I’ll start incorporating fruit back into my life slowly, starting with fresh juice for breakfast, green smoothies for lunch, and a moderate salad for dinner. After two days of this, I’ll bring back raw whole grains, nuts and seeds. Sticking to a very raw diet.

I hate going back on my word, but I know I’ve made the right decision to change my cleanse to meet my personal demands. Plus, if I don’t have the energy to do yoga I’m pretty sure all hell might break loose. For the sake of the world, yes I’ll be making some changes. I’ll be sure to journal it all for you so you can make your own decisions on the Master Cleanse and cleansing in general. Wish me luck!

Tell me about you. 


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