Day 1… WTF is a SWF?

So here we are Day 1 SSvegan Master Cleanse and what better way to start than with a SWF aka salt water flush. What’s that you ask? Alright, graphic language about to ensue, but you’ve been warned.

A SWF is a mixture of salt and water. Ever watch one of those survivor series like Man vs. Wild? Remember him saying you can only drink sea water for roughly 3 days before it become dangerous to the body? This is because we can’t actually use the water from salt water. It is an isotonic solution that runs right through us taking everything along with it.

Two tsp of pure sea salt dissolved in 32oz of warm purified water. This portion is very important, if you have too little salt with too much water it is hypotonic stealing salt from the body and stalling the process. If you have too much salt with too little water it is hypertonic stealing water from the body leaving you dehydrated. None of these are really dangerous, but once you drink a SWF you’ll always be 100% sure to get it 100% right. This stuff is major yuk! Ok, it’s not horrible, but it sure is not good.

I started this morning off with my first SWF and probably no more than 15 minutes later, it was go time. Nasty!

I won’t get any more graphic and detailed than I need to with this stuff. Just know, it works.

I prepared my lemon juice (it’s important to wait 1 full hour between SWF and taking in anything else otherwise it will dilute the system) and to be honest, I was little uneasy about things morning. I woke up emotionally hungry with a feeling of deprivation and I’m not sure why. But I’m working through it now as I sit and wait for the hour to pass, I’ll be sure to discuss the emotional road-blocks I come up against this week (the tum tum is gurgling, there is some serious action going on in there, cleanse away SWF).

The lemon juice concoction that I’ll be consuming the next eight days six to eight times a day consists of: 2 tablespoons fresh organic lemon juice (or lime juice for a little change of pace), 2 tablespoons grade b maple syrup, a small pinch (1/10 tsp) cayenne pepper, and 8 – 10 oz purified water. It’s actually not bad. I prefer the lime juice to lemon, but either way is pretty good.

So far today I’ve drunk five with the last two having only 1 tbsp of maple syrup because with the 2 it was too sweet and it just was not going down very well. And I’d like to sit here and tell you everything is going great, fine and dandy, but that’s definitely not true. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t the hardest thing ever and I haven’t been hungry at all today, but I am seriously pissed right now. Pissed at what, I’m not really sure yet, but I have been in a very sour mood today. Like I said I’m exploring my emotions trying to see what they mean and where they’re coming from.

Along with that, I’m tired and a little weak feeling. I’m not the type to nap, but today I was so tired I took two. I could not keep my eyes open. I felt fine during the gentle yoga class I did this morning and until about 1:00 p.m. but after that I had nothing left. Other than a pretty crappy mood and fatigue, you’d never know I was cleansing.

After today I’m a little unsure that I’ll do the entire eight days of lemon juice. I haven’t made up my mind yet. Part of me believes I can do it, another part says hell no, while yet another just wants a cookie. I’m thinking of doing 3 days of lemon juice followed with 3 days of green juice and 2 more days of green smoothies. After that I’ll begin to transition into solid foods, beginning with mostly veggies and a little fruit to veggies, fruit, grains, and nuts. This is tentative though, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Tell me about you.

4 thoughts on “Day 1… WTF is a SWF?

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