Friday Night Flap.

Total TGIF! Want to know why?! We finally got to have our Grand Opening at lululemon athletica! It was fabulous! If you haven’t come out to see me, please do! You’ll love it I promise. ūüėČ

Back to tonight’s Friday Night Flap. So tonight is a somewhat special night. I’m actually not going to be talking about the Weekly Wednesday Cheer, but rather something else. Actually, tonight marks the end of something with the beginning of another. Ok, before I go any further, let me back up a little and explain.

Do you remember this post¬†and¬†this one? You know, the ones where I explained all the horrible side-effects of birth control and my final decision to end my 10 year relationship with it? Well it’s been seven months free of BC and, honestly, it hasn’t been the smoothest sailing. I’ve had some really great highs and really terrible lows. I’ve been on the hormone roller-coaster and it’s been a challenge to say the least. I can literally feel the hormones rise and fall¬†(luckily I can warn the Train when the fall is happening).

But the good thing is I can now acknowledge the fact that it is the hormones that are causing me to feel out of it and am able to not be so hard on myself. This has been a huge aspect in my soul searching and healing, however.

Now that my hormones are on their own, they kind of don’t know what they’re doing. No I take that back, they really don’t know what they’re doing. Like I said I’ve had some really fantastic highs and really terrible lows. And with this hormonal flux has come some serious, although natural, negative side-effects. Acne (wtf, I’m 25 I thought I was done with this), bloating (tmi?), weight gain followed by weight loss, body odor (again tmi?) I’ve just been all over the place body wise. So I made the decision it’s time to give the body a little rest and relaxation. Time for a cleanse.

Not to be mistaken for one of those “detox gimmicks” that are used as quick fixes for weight gain. No this is an internal cleanse that will allow my body the chance to reset itself while still getting the needed nutrients. So as I said, today marks the end of something with the beginning of another. What I meant was it marked the end of solid foods for eight days and the beginning of SSVegan Master Cleanse. I’ve done a lot of research and I’m really motivated that this will help get my body rockin’ and rollin’ once and for all.¬†I hope you’ll follow along with me for the next eight days.

As I said before, this blog is not only intended for me but also for all of you. I hope to inspire and provoke.  This blog is not only about me and my soul searching journey, but I hope it can be a place for you to offer comments, critiques, thoughts, support, and suggestions. With that said what sections would you like to see more of? What types of recipes would you like to see? What topics are you interested in or have questions about that I may be able to research and hopefully find some sort of answer to?

Tell me about you. 


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Flap.

  1. That’s great Elena! Yes, I’ll be journaling every step of the way and giving all the scientific details along with it. I’m working on a good post today that I think will help. I’ll add some good links for you to take a look at. Happy cleansing ūüôā

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