Weekly Wednesday Cheer.

*Look at what I got 🙂 The Train is such a good husband.

So I’m not really a sweets or a desserts kind of girl.

Oh who am I trying to kid, given the chance I’d live off chocolate chip cookies! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning snack, afternoon pick-me-up sweets, treats, decadents, I love them all.

But sometimes after a long hot day, I don’t want something heavy or dense. I want something fresh and light while still being something I consider a treat. During my ED days, the only thing I “treated” myself to was fat-free, sugar-free frozen flavored water yogurt so I’m pretty burned out on frozen fusions (although, I do love me some banana soft-serve – recipe to come!). But what’s left then if not sweet frozen delights, rich cake or delectable cookies? Zucchini.

Wait, what? Zucchini? Ok now before you go saying now she’s really lost it give me a second to explain. Zucchini is actually a fruit and even though it’s not as sweet as a pineapple or a pear, it still is sweet by nature making it a perfect addition to breads and other baked goods.

And being that the farmers markets are overgrown with this unexpected confection, they’re easy to find and very very affordable. Add shreds to any sugar infused carb loaded baked treat and you’re bound to make sweet things happen.

Zesty & Light Zucchini Bread

2 c. whole wheat flower (organic)

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

2 c. zucchini – shredded

1/4 c. coconut butter or 1/2 c. shredded coconut

1/2 c. sugar (turbinado or organic cane)

1 flax egg or egg-replacer

Zest of one orange

juice of one orange

1 1/4 almond milk (I used original but vanilla may add a little something pleasant)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Prepare the flax egg or egg-replacer (1 tbsp flax or replacer to 3 tbsp water) and set aside.

In a large bowl mix together the dry ingredients (flower, powder, soda, sugar, salt, & cinnamon).

In another bowl mix together wet ingredients (flax egg, zucchini, coconut, zest, & juice).

Add the wet ingredients to the dry. Be careful not to over mix because it may cause the dough to become tough.

Spoon the batter into a well greased baking sheet or loaf pan.

I used the Perfect Brownie pan that my gracious sister-in-law got us as a wedding gift. 🙂

Bake for 20 – 30 minutes (depending on the pan you use and your oven).

If I hadn’t told everyone they wouldn’t have known it was vegan or that it was actually a healthy treat! The zucchini makes this recipe nice and moist while the orange and coconut give it a little zing and zest.

Paired perfectly with your morning cup of coffee with a good schmere of Earth Balance spread or enjoyed after a Garden Palate Salad with a dusting of confectioners sugar, this carb fest will release all those happy endorphins without the worry of any unwanted side-effects that other desserts may cause.

Tell me about you. 


7 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday Cheer.

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  2. those look absolutely yummy!! I think I may try them, or just come over and eat yours haha, glad you are liking the pan!!

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