Hi, Universe? It’s me, got a second…?

Do you ever have the feeling that you just know about something? Have this inclination that you’re right about it? You don’t know why but your internal compass keeps pointing you you towards it or at least in the same general area. This is how I have been feeling about my life lately.

I put it out in the universe here that my goals this summer were to do yoga, prepare vegan meals, and write more frequently and consistently. Well, the universe heard me and responded. Ultimately it was me who made the choice to accept what was being offered, but had I not been vulnerable and trusting I may not be where I am at this very moment.

Ever since I had learned six years ago of lululemon athletica, I was drawn to them some how knowing I would be apart of this uplifting company. All the avenues I had taken in my life, whether it was athletic training, my masters or teaching, indirectly leaded me back to this very company. Everywhere I went, lululemon athletica was always in sight. Strangely, I knew somehow this is where I belonged.

Now that I am apart of the ever-growing and inspiring lululemon athletica team, everyday I am surrounded by wonderful people who encourage me to do more yoga, prepare more vegan meals, and write more frequently. And now everyday I am given the opportunity to do all of these and more. Everything in my life right now is allowing me to achieve my goals, even the one that I didn’t put out there for you all to see such as letting go of perfect and the idea of it or meet and befriend like-minded and wonderful people in the KC area (I hadn’t really gotten out much to make new friends since moving here). And of course, be even more gentle and compassionate, understanding and loving of myself.

Sometimes it’s scary to put what you want out there in the universe for all to hear and see. Feeling exposed or fear of failing stops most of us from doing just that. But maybe take a chance, throw it out there, and trust yourself. We may be watching, but we’re not judging. We’re actually inspired by your bravery. You may be surprised that the universe is listening and just how hard it is pulling you in the right direction.

Tell me about you.


2 thoughts on “Hi, Universe? It’s me, got a second…?

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