An evening at FuD.

Hi! And happy Tuesday!

This summer just keeps getting better and better. The Train and I have been able to make up for some lost time (for those not aware, of the roughly 6 years him and I have been together, we’ve been in the same state 3 1/2 of them). I made some great strides in my soul searching thanks in-part to some heavy yoga practices. I clocked some much-needed time in the kitchen, traveled, and have been able to try some amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

This weekend my mom came down to visit and help me around the house (and do some shopping along the way). Of course when she’s in town she wants to try all the fabulous restaurants I’m always raving about. I’m sure you’ll remember the time her and I went to Seed Cafe, de-lish!

This time while she was here I took her to FüD a completely vegan, retro eclectic, hippie-chic restaurant located in Kansas City’s West-side neighborhood. Organic and local, FüD offers some rad vegan dishes that will make a meat-eater sigh and moan with ecstasy. Featuring vegan and raw cuisine, FüD delivers delicious, innovative, sustainable, and conscious dishes. Whether you’re vegan or not, FüD will leave you begging for more.

I ordered the Rainbow Salad topped with “Eggy” Salad while my mom chose the Portobello Wrap. We shared an order of Fried Tofu Nuggets and finished it all off with a Brownie Sundae with Cashew Ice Cream (sorry no picture of the Sundae, our spoons were quicker than my flash!).

It was like that scene in When Harry Met Sally. You know, the one where Sally trys to “explain” to Harry how woman fake orgasms. I was Sally except I wasn’t faking anything. It was the best food-gasm I had ever had. Period.  I even heard the lady at the table next to me say I’ll have what she’s having. 

Tell me about you.


2 thoughts on “An evening at FuD.

  1. OMG the food was amazing!!!!! And yo forgot to mention that AWSOME vegan chocolate chip cookie that I got to experience! As usual, it was a fabulous weekend! Thanks 🙂

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