WTF is that smell?

I’ve got a big problem. I mean, big. It’s starting to affect my relationship, my job, and I really just can’t even stand myself right now. I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve been literally trying everything to solve this dilemma for roughly 2 years and I just can’t find a solution.

What’s my problem?

My B.O. can be fierce. I mean I down right stink sometimes!

It used to be a little joke while I was at Boise that I was the “Hippie” because of me being a vegan and eco/green-friendly. Everyone called me Hippie and joke about me showering only when it rained, using dandelions for deodorant, or loving trees more than people (I actually have a Bonzai tree that I got from my brother that I probably do tend to just as much as the Train). They’d joke that they could smell my hippie-ness across campus or when I road passed them on my bike. But I always wondered if this was a joke out of stereotyping or was it true to some degree.

I carry “deodorant” with me everywhere I go because, well, I’m a sweaty hippie (I sweat even thinking about sweat). At time I smell, bad(!), and other times I’m just sweating for the sake of sweating (I was pleased with perspirant genetics, Thanks Mom). But no matter what I do, all the detoxing, whole-foods, alkalizing, “deodorant” rubbing, I still have some B.O. I wish Americans weren’t so finicky about B.O. like the French, I wouldn’t have a problem there.

But I’m not French or in France. I’m in KCMO where it’s sizzling hot, which equates to extreme excessive perspiring with extreme excessive stink.

I refuse to use conventional deodorant/antiperspirant because they are basically cancer sticks (similar to cigarettes). They are full of neurotoxins which reek havoc on our precious insides. Aluminum, propylene glycol and Disodium EDTA are just a few of these harmful fuckers products you swipe each morning, all of which have been linked to the big C-word. In that cherished spot we call our armpit is direct access to our lymphatic system, which helps to cleanse and purify our body (sweating is a way of releasing toxins which we all know we tend to do a lot of in this area). When this system is unable to process due to the build up of toxins bad shit things start to happen. This is why women are told to do breast exams up and under their armpit feeling for lumps. These lumps are lymph-nodes that can’t process the toxins and ultimately starts to house them. Not good, we want the toxins flushed out not stored.

And it’s not the sweating that is a problem. Sweat helps to regulate our body temperature. It’s the bacteria that cause the stink factor. To keep the bacteria at bay, these cancer sticks have triclosan, which is an anitbacterial agent. This little devil has been shown to disrupt hormones and mutate them, not good in a world that fears boys are becoming girls and girls are becoming boys. Hormones are a big part of why girls are girls and boys are boys, besides the obvious external factors. Not to mention the millions of other jobs hormones have like regulating ever single process that occurs inside our body.

I do use Aubrey Organics which is a great organic, eco-friendly, animal friendly company that practices good morals and ethics in producing their beauty products. And the deodorant that I use works great when I’m doing day-to-day things, but I’m pretty physically active, and it’s freakin’ hot out. So my what works isn’t really working right now. I’ve tried other brands and styles, but none of them worked as well as AO.


The Train tells me I stink on a daily basis (thank god he’s such a loving and patient gentle giant 🙂 ). I’m afraid people are going to smell me during yoga (which I kind of highly doubt because I’m sure they’re in the same boat as me viewing the type of people who go to the yoga studios I go to). And I’m worried I’m going to be “the smelly hippie” at work!

I’m going to try juicing more and doing more green smoothies/fresh greens to see if that helps balance my pH and tame the wild bacteria, but other than that, I am at a loss for what to do next (and unfortunately at this time I am one of the millions of Americans without health insurance so seeing a holistic MD is a little out of the question right now – #universalhealthcare!). So if anyone has some great ideas or suggestions send them my smelly ass way PLEASE! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

Tell me about you. 


6 thoughts on “WTF is that smell?

  1. I’m not sure if you’re even interested, but thought I’d let you decide. 🙂 I read this on my friend’s fb page last week. 🙂
    Homemade deodorant that works, stops the smell, not the sweat …
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1/4 cup corn starch or arrowroot powder
    3-4 tablespoons coconut oil
    10 drops of tea tree or other desired essential oil (optional)
    1: Mix dry ingredients together.
    2: In a separate bowl, melt coconut oil.
    3: If adding essential oil, add it to the coconut oil now. Mix.
    4: Add and mix oil — one spoonful at a time — into the dry ingredients until you reach the consistency you like.
    5: Let set for an hour or so.
    6: To apply, grab a pea-sized dollop of the mixture and massage into underarm. Body heat will melt the coconut oil and help with the slathering situation.
    First of all, DO NOT apply this immediately after shaving your underarms. Baking soda takes care of odors, and coconut oil acts as an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal​/skin-softener. Also, in the summer, if it’s too warm in your home, the oil will liquify and the mixture will separate. Solution: Keep it in the fridge. It’ll stay relatively solid.
    Wash your hands before applying it after you shave so you have clean hands and avoid itching/burning from other chemicals. You can apply it gently after shaving. I use oil of cloves drops. In the winter, it’s solid so you just scrape a little outT of the jar and it melts. In the summer, just remix it in the jar when it separates. IT REALLY WORKS!!
    IMPORTANT: Use aluminum-free baking soda. Aluminum is a neurotoxin and is found in most antiperspirants. It has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, respiratory illnesses, reduced renal function, and DNA damage.

    Wow, that was long… LOL maybe I should have just emailed you! 😉

    • Wow Mel, this looks great! Thank you! I actually have all of these so I am totally going to give this a try! And thank you for your important side-note and for helping me spread the word on how bad this stuff is for you. 🙂

      -Your Rock! ❤

      ps-please feed me more pictures of you're little guy. Can't. Get. Enough. 🙂

    • Oh yeah! Love lush, I completely forgot about them since moving from MN (I had such easy access to them there it was great). I will definitely be doing serious research trials here soon! Thanks for the insight!

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