How’s the water?

Happy  Friday! Holy hot! It is scorching here. I guess it’s safe to say summer has arrived. I wonder how long it’d take to fry a piece of tofu on the sidewalk… 🙂

In a recent guest post, MR talked about her life plate and the foods in her life that was taking up her plate. This got me thinking of my own situation and how I feel my journey is going. In my mind’s eye, I imagine myself traveling through water in a raft with the Train beside me. The water is neither calm nor aggressive, but with a swift current and slight rapids. I picture us paddling hard into the rapids enjoying the challenge, the difficulty, the fear. Welcoming the unknown.

And even as the waters becomes more agitated pushing our small raft here and there, we embrace each torrent as something to make us stronger and wiser for the next change in tide. I feel as though the water we’re in is rough right now, but I’m are excited for the ride. It’s as if I know the course is bumpy now, but I am motivated to work our way through the currents down stream to smoother sailing.

What does your water look like? Are you traveling through swift surge that feels unsafe and unable to be tamed? Or are you floating through a peaceful stream with barely a drift to push you along?

What are you traveling in? Is it a big expensive yacht where everything is with ease feeling only a slight rocking back and forth as the waves push you along regardless of the tidal motion? Is it a tiny life-boat that can barely hold you afloat fearful that at anytime you could lose everything?  Or do you feel you’re in a sailboat that can take each slight breeze and turn it into smooth sailing?

How’s the water? Tell me about you. 

Happy Independence Day – A very loving thank you to all the men and women who make this day possible.

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