The Dish on Detox and Oh my Omega Juicer!

So glad everyone enjoyed the guest posts! Thank you for giving great feedback and support to the lovely ladies in writing.

I am happy to say the Train and I have made it back from our honeymoon. As wonderful as it was, and it truly was just that, home is where my heart is (I am such a homebody).

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research on detox and cleanses. A friend of mine was asking me about them and I had to be honest with her, I knew of them, but not much about the how’s, what’s, where’s, and why’s behind them. My interest in them had always been null due to mixed emotions. Fear that they may be triggers to history’s bad habits or that my intentions would be unhealthy kept me away from these somewhat drastic measures. The closest I allowed myself to come to any sort of “cleanse” was what I called “a veggie detox” where I would consume nothing but an abundance of vegetables for an entire day to help my body get back into balance. However, as with most things education is the key to success, and after doing quite a bit of research my attitude towards them has been swayed.

The body has its own detoxification system. Our lovely digestive, lymphatic, and urinary systems work together to rid the body of harmful byproducts. The liver is the main detox center for processing and removing toxins that may be potentially threatening to the body. However, with our busy and processed foods lifestyle, our bodies do not get the break and rest necessary to allow these systems to do their jobs. Fast foods, processed foods, animal products, preservatives, and pollutants wreak havoc on the body causing free radicals (harmful byproducts produced in the body) to be released and the body’s inflammatory response to be triggered. For those of you not aware, the inflammatory response is a way for the body to detect injury and starts to break down whatever or wherever the body sends this response from.

Think of it this way. We have all been injured before right? Well that place of injury gets hots, swollen, sore, painful, discolored and deformed. This is your body healing mechanism. It sends its defenses to the site to begin the healing process which involves breaking down the injured area and then rebuilding it, occurring in 3 different phases. If your body is always in the inflammatory phase and constantly breaking itself down the release of toxic byproducts never ceases putting stress on the detoxification systems and ultimately damaging them (as a matter of fact some research is showing that type 1 diabetes is actually an autoimmune inflammatory response where the pancreas is so stressed and toxic that is can’t function properly). The thought behind cleanses, fasts, and detox is to allow the body to rest and do what its systems are intended to do. For example, rather than constantly working and digesting, the digestive system is given a chance to rest, cleanse, and rebuild. Same goes with the other systems.

When done correctly, cleanses can be extremely healing. They are not intended to be quick weight loss formulas, but rather a way regenerate, harmonize, and reeducate the body on how it is supposed to function. Almost like resetting itself. Lucky for us our bodies have an amazing buffering system. Toxins are acidic and obviously harmful. As a way to buffer the acids to remain neutrally balanced and save the body from harm, it takes the toxins and stores them in our fat cells in our hips, thighs, bellies and asses.  The only way to truly rid your body of these toxins is not through hours and hours on the treadmill but through rest and detoxification.  Yes, weight loss is often a symptom of detoxification due to the body’s ability to release stored waste (we store 5 – 10 lbs of waste alone in our colons while the rest is stored in adipose, or fat, cells) but this is not their main focus. Detox and cleanses allow for the removal of this waste as well as that stored away in our fat cells, which is ultimately due to the releases of the pounds and pounds of stored toxins.

There are many cleanses and detox methods on the market today, most meant to target people looking for a quick fix to their ever-growing waistlines. Do not fall prey to these, they are not intended to make you healthy. Methods that I have found to be legitimate and safe (when done correctly) are the Juice Fast, the Master Cleanse, and the detox defined by author Kris Karr in Crazy Sexy Diet  and Diana Stobo’s Get Naked Fast. I’m sure there are others out there that are similar and good, but these are the ones that I have read the most on. I have actually been in the works of my own, which I am still currently researching and adjusting, but will be available to those interested here soon. To really get into the spirit of research and development, look at we got…

A juicer!

Can you tell I’m just a little excited! Before I was making my “juices” in my blending or just doing smoothies, but now I get to make the real deal right in my very own kitchen. So far I’ve made a simple juice of 1 green apple, 1 gala apple, 1 handful of spinach, 2 carrots, and 1 lemon shared between the Train and myself, which by the way we both loved. So heads up, many juice recipes to come and the SSVegan Cleanse. If your interested let me know!

Tell me about you. What’s your opinion, experience, or dish on detox?

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