I’m on fire! Summer Goals 2011 follow-up…

What an awesome Wednesday! Thank you for all the emails regarding Summer Goals 2011, but don’t be afraid to post your comments here and maybe get a little discussion going. I promise, no one bites. This is a completely nonjudgmental safe environment. Everyone and all comments are welcome 🙂

Wow, let me just say I am inspired (and sore!) right now. I have been really focused on my goals and bringing new blood to my soul searching. Four days in a row, I have done an intense hour to hour and a half long yoga session, made delicious and simple vegan meals, and found time for myself and the Train to relax and connect. I am feeling on fire. This intense sensation of bliss has encapsulated me and let me just say, I’m letting it swallow me whole!

Thanks to www.yogadownload.com I have been able to stick to two of my previously mentioned goals: practice yoga and build back up the rainy day fund. For a few bucks and some change, I was able to purchase 2 yoga classes that I have been practicing outside for two inexpensive hour-long “hot” power yoga classes – thanks impart to the 101 degree heat index here in KCMO. Sometimes you have to get a little creative ;-).

As I previously mentioned, I want to attempt making some vegan goodies and taking them to the local Farmer’s Market here in Westport (the part of KCMO the Train and I live in). Being the researcher that I am, I had to investigate the market before making any commitments. So today, I pleasantly made my way to the location in question and was slightly surprised at my discovery.

Not that I expected a mass of people on a Wednesday afternoon, but I was hoping for a better turn out than what I saw. Only six tents were staked in the vacant lot with maybe a dozen people meandering around in search of fresh local products. Not really the audience I was hoping for, but I guess I have to start somewhere. And even though there was already a tent selling a few vegan goodies, I think Mr. Muffin Vegan Pastries could do somewhat well. Judging upon appearance, which no one should ever do but in this situation may be appropriate, there seemed to be a good market for the hippie chic vegan type.

Next step, send in an application for a spot at the market and purchase necessary tools (i.e. ingredients) to make Mr. Muffin Vegan Pastries. And of course, talk the matter over with the Train.

I wasn’t about to leave the scene empty-handed with a – limited – selection of fresh vegetables at my finger tips. Check out my finds.

1 head of romaine, 1 head of butter lettuce, 2 zucchini, 1 beet, and 1 jar of homemade apple butter. And look…

check out these ingredients!

I foresee a nice giant salad and plenty of almond butter-apple butter sandwiches here in the near future!

Tell me about you.


2 thoughts on “I’m on fire! Summer Goals 2011 follow-up…

  1. Me Hungry…….Come make apple butter sandwiches for me……..mmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhh

    Very Good Article Chels!

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