Summer Goals 2011.

Now that the knot has been tied, I have a little more free time (wedding planning, as fun as it may be, is very energy consuming). For the past year my afternoons were filled with phone calls, emails, and researching ideas for the big day, but now that we are official Mr. and Mrs. Z Train I have time to devote to myself. And to kick it off, I have sat down and written a list.

Writing things down makes them a little more concrete so I have decided to make a list of goals I would like to achieve this summer. Having a list, allows me to literally see them every day, giving me something to report to and check off. And actually taking the time to sit down and focus on what it is I want, brings back awareness of self and self-reflection.

While enjoying a glass of wine and sitting outside on the deck, I did a little internal investigating and came up with my list.

Summer Goals 2011:

Goal #1 – Practice yoga at least 2 days per work-week, and every Saturday and Sunday. I have two yoga studios very close to my house and their is free yoga in the park on Sundays, so I have ample opportunities to get my fix.

Goal #2 – Enjoy the outdoors. I’m the type that feels I should always be doing something, but this year, I’m going to take time for myself to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Daily walks, picnics in the park, BBQ with family and friends. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with this goal.

Goal #3 – Dedicate time and energy to cooking new and exciting vegan meals for the Train and myself. Working crazy hours has not allowed me to do this for a while, but now that I will be starting a new schedule I will have time to stir up some fun in the kitchen.

Goal #4 – Try selling some of my vegan goodies at the local farmer’s market. This goal is to see if opening a coffee house and bakery is truly something I want to pursue and be successful with.

Goal #5 – Write. Write for pleasure. Write for work. Write for me and for you. Write.

Goal #6 – Organize the house and get it looking put together.

Goal #7 – Friday Night Winery and Live Music. Back in the day the Train and I would go to a winery close to our college, sit on a hill and drink a bottle together to the sound of a local artist.

Goal #8 – Build up the rainy day fund. The account took a beating after the big day so we need to get back on it again.

Goal #9 – Store, pickle, preserve. Hopefully all my hard work in the garden will pay off and there will be plenty of this going on in the kitchen.

Goal #10 – And now I pronounce you Husband and Wife. Take time to enjoy being married. (this goal is finite)

These are my goals. I feel very confident that I can achieve all of them with ease. I’m actually really excited and motivated to get going on all of them.

(one goal I can already check off…

getting my nose pierced.)

Tell me about your summer goals or goals of 2011. I’d love to hear how you have or are achieving them.


8 thoughts on “Summer Goals 2011.

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  2. My first goal is to lose another 25 pounds.
    I also walk at least half hour 5 days a week and start doing some type of strength training twice a week.
    Spend more time outside, instead in front of the TV or computer.
    Read more books. I used to do alot of reading and haven’t in quite a while.
    Do more cooking of vegan/vegetarian meals. Maybe take some classes.
    Buy a bike and ride.
    Save for a rainy day too. Or for trip to Japan.

    These are some I came up with. Now you can help keep me accountable for them.

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