Check your panties – we’re talking vaginas…

There is something going on in many women’s pants that is not being talked about and need to be addressed pronto. I’m not talking about what type of panties you may or may not be wearing. I’m talking about something that you may not know has a real effect on your overall health. Something that is breeding in your lady-parts, causing you discomfort, itching and burning, terrible smells, and disgusting stains on your delicates. I’m talking yeast infections ladies. It’s time to get personal, take a look at your vagina and get real about your health. (Men, just because you don’t have a vagina doesn’t mean you could not have a yeast infection. So don’t think you can skip out on this info)

What is a yeast infection? I’m sure you have all at some point have thought about it and wondered why you have gotten or keep getting this infection. Or you may have seen the countless commercials offering relief with their many creams and insertible remedies. But WTF is this apparently “embarrassing” and “shameful” infection that lives in our beautiful vaginas? (The only thing we should be ashamed of is abusing our wonderful vaginas and not treating it with the utmost love and respect it deserves.)

A yeast infection, also known as Candida, is an overgrowth of yeast that is totally preventable and can be permanently eliminated. Women (and men) may not know they are suffering from this illness until symptoms become serious. Symptoms include sore throat, toe-nail fungus, fatigue, abdominal pain, acne, flatulence, bloating, weakness, headaches, cold-sweats, allergies, menstrual pain, irregular menstrual cycle, and chronic vaginal infections. It begins in the digestive system and spreads throughout the entire body – so it is not just limited to what we commonly think of as a vaginal infection.

Candida proliferates in the presence of simple sugars. Being that many Americans are addicted to sugar, they often suffer from candida and yeast over-growth. Mistaking constant signs and symptoms for shear bad luck, they don’t realize it is what they put in their mouths that are causing serious health problems and nasty britches. And to add injury to insult, sugar is in everything, and you don’t even know it. So you may think you’re eating something harmless, but more times than not (if it’s packaged) it is highly processed with sugar added to make sure you like the product, become addicted, and buy more of it (companies are little F’ers like that. They need their business to thrive even if it is sh**y, they get you all doped up on sugar, feeling good, and always coming back for more… similar to crack or any other drug).

Changes in the bowel flora – taking antibiotics or not having a good diet – can immediately cause yeast to grow. The good bacteria known as probiotics (i.e. bowel flora) keep our insides healthy and allows us to thrive. Trillions of tiny microorganisms make up for three to five pounds of our total body weight. They inhabit our GI tract and digest certain sugars, proteins, or fats. They also help produce B vitamins and vitamin K. They help prevent bloating, gas, disease and illnesses, and yeast overgrowth by controlling the pH level, or acidity, of our intestines. Great sources of probiotics are fermented foods such as miso, kimchi, tempeh, organic soy sauce, and raw sauerkraut (yogurt is a probiotic and if you choose to eat it, please make sure to buy an organic brand that is reputable). The good bacteria in our guts feast on fiber and prebiotic foods such as vegetables, whole grains and bananas.

To check your intestinal flora’s health status always check your finger nails, your tongue, and of course your delicates. These will be good external indicators to help you see what’s going on inside. Look for healthy strong nails and nail-beds that do not get infected or break easily. They should be a soft pink in color with a white “moon” near the bed. Your tongue should be a bright red, so check for any white blemishes on the tongue or inside of the mouth.

What’s a treatment plan for candida? The first thing you have to do is break your addiction to simple sugars. Completely remove it from your diet to help restore your body’s pH balance and intestinal flora. This doesn’t mean have it every once in a while, it means completely ridding yourself of the harmful shit – sorry the word calls – from your diet. No more highly processed, dangerous, addictive,  health destroying simple sugars. Don’t be afraid, you can still have sweet treats like a cookie or a piece of bread, but you need to allow your body a break so it can heal. Removing simple sugars from your diet for 30 days will allow you to kick your sugar addiction and rejuvenate your body’s internal beauty.

Once you have give your body the opportunity to thrive again you can slowly incorporate new and healthy options for desserts and sweets. And while you’re doing your 30 detox from crack sugar, I’ll make sure to come up with even more ideas so you can keep your panties free and clear and your vaginas happy and healthy.

If you are interested in kicking your sugar addiction, relieving yourself of constant infections, and restoring your health contact me and I can help set up a plan for you through my health counseling program. 

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