When the ladies are in town, it’s time to play

Thank you for the great responses to the great Birth Control debate! I truly cannot thank you all enough for giving me your knowledge and experiences with BC. Your responses, and hours of research, has helped me to make my final decision to finally get off of the pill. I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on how it goes. Stay tuned.

What a great weekend! I hope you all had as nice of weather and company as I did. I had the pleasure of having my mom in town for a few days to play with. We did Kansas City up right. Many great friends retailing and antiquing, finally finding a house for the Train and I, and some great eats equated to a fabulous weekend with the one and only, KB.


Being that she arrived during the lunch hour, we headed straight to Cafe Seed for an afternoon adventure. I’d never been, but I was so excited to check out this completely vegan joint.

Tucked away in a quaint, what seemed to be old store of some sort, Cafe Seed’s atmosphere was a soft mix of hippie-organic and artsy retro-eclectic vibes. Welcoming us in its tiny quarters with open tree-hugging arms. The menu offered up brunch options for us to make our meal decisions from. Different tofu scrambles, pancakes, and sandwiches were the base of our choices, followed with an array of fresh organic juices, smoothies, teas, and desserts. All vegan, all homemade – except the pancakes but this is iffy being they contained honey.


We both started off with a fresh juice, me the Garden Patch (carrot, apple, spinach, beet, ginger) and KB the Green Giant (spinach, apple, lemon, kale, ginger). Filled to the brim with fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable goodness, my Garden Patch contained a perfect blend of sweetness from the carrot and apple with a touch of spice from the ginger. Just lovely. KB’s Green Giant had hints of lemon with a subtle note of sweetness from the vegetables and the apple. Simple and delicious.

Mine went down a little too easy.

For the main course, I went straight for the Tofu scramble with vegan bacon, sprouted whole wheat toast with earth balance spread, and fresh blueberries and strawberries decorating the plate. My mom went for the same only she had cinnamon raisin toast (I would have rather she tried something different so we could have done a little taste testing, but when something sounds good you just have to go with it).

The tofu scramble was indescribably flavorful. A mixture of spices and aromas perfumed the tofu and sautéed onions, I was intoxicated by its scent. But even more, I was in love with its taste. Not too firm not too soft, the tofu was perfectly cooked with the onions for a very delicate texture. I’d never tasted anything like, it was simply delicious.


The vegan bacon was a little different, not really my thing, but none the less good and perfect with the meal. Even though “faux meat” is not really my thing, it’s nice to know if I have a craving for bacon, Cafe Seed will provide my remedy.

Oh, and my mom was giddy with joy from her first tofu scramble experience. “Oh my god” was all she could muster in between bites. Well that, and a giant grin as she cleaned her plate.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did. We had the banana pudding for dessert. Not my typical choice of dessert being my obsession love of chocolate, but it was the only thing they had that afternoon. So we went with it. We were blown away.

Layers of homemade “vanilla wafer” cookies, vanilla seed speckled banana pudding, and big slices of banana were piled high and topped of crumbles of more wafer cookies. Bite after bite, this dish got better and better. A bit of banana and cookie with a smudge of the subtly sweet and soft pudding one spoonful was followed by a big chunk of the crunchy cookie, soft banana and a small coat of delicious pudding glue holding it together the next bite.


There’s a little more in there, I just know it – I had to have every last bit of this perfect end to our meal.

The best part of a vegan meal is rarely do you feel overly stuffed. KB and I felt perfect as a peach and left the table glowing, ready to tackle some retail therapy.

My point: if you ever happen to be in the KC area you must look Cafe Seed up. It’s a little off the beaten path, but once you have discovered all that Cafe Seed’s vegan goodness, you too will not be disappointed. I’m a little more than excited to go back to try their lunch menu. It’s no wonder Cafe Seed has been in the KC metro since 2007, they are doing all things right in the world of vegan cuisine.

Have you visited any great restaurants lately that left a great impression on you?

Side note: Speaking of retail therapy, believe it or not, I actually am a girlie girl at heart and love all thing dressy and sparkly – even though you really ever see me in these things. Anyways, my friend Elena has a wonderful business named Adorn Joy where she sells handmade button rings. She creates each and every one of these fabulous rings herself. They are cute and sassy, soft and sophisticated, and the perfect match to any outfit. If you love a good accessory to your aunsamble, you must take a look at what she has to off either on her website Adorn Joy or on Etsy.com under Adorn Joy.


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