Valentine’s Day Yoga

Welcome to the new and improved Soul Searching Vegan! Valentine’s Day was the most fitting day to launch the new site being that I am complete and utter sucker for all things love and romance and V-day. How will you be spending your Valentine’s Day?

After waking up to these,


and this – which I can not wait to dive into later with the Train,


I did a wonderful hour of a Yoga podcast that I downloaded from – this is a great site that provides numerous Yoga sessions for only $1.99 for just the audio or $5.99 for the video, it’s great. Which got me thinking, I have yet to do a post on yoga or exercise yet. What a better way to talk about my love than on the day centered around love. (Did I mention I just love Valentine’s Day?)

Here is my Yoga 101:

-Start with yoga slowly and with a very open mind. Most people think yoga is just stretching or holding a position, but in actuality, it can be a very intense workout for even the most fit of person.

-Do your research on the different types of yoga – hot, bikrim, hatha, power, etc. – and try different ones to see what one fits you and what you are trying to achieve i.e. more flexibility, meditation and relaxation, fitness, etc. Trying the different classes and teachers allow you to see what it is you like and who’s style of teaching your prefer.

-Purchase – if you are serious about yoga- the proper equipment necessary for classes. For beginners it is recommended that you purchase a block, clothes, and of course a mat. Other equipment you may gradually add to your repetua are a blanket, strap, pillow and shoes. You may even want to bring a small hand towel if you tend to sweat.

-Some yoga etiquette you need to know: either turn your phone off or leave it in your car, remove your shoes before entering into the studio, try to be on time to be respectful of the other yogis and the teacher, don’t skip Savasana, and do not wear strong smelling perfumes or fragrances. Be sure to tell the teacher it is your first time and don’t be afraid to ask for help or modifications. These are just common courtesy tools that will allow you to feel more comfortable and familiar with yoga and its setting.

-Don’t have a large meal (ideally do not eat 2 hours before class), drink a lot of water, or wear socks.

The most important thing is to get out there and try yit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how wonderful you will feel, the great workouts you’ll have, the sense of self and the mind-body connection you’ll gain from yoga.

Have you ever tried yoga or considered trying yoga? Do you consider yourself a yogi?

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